Designed to help reduce the risk of leakage

The Brava Belt® for SenSura® Mio is designed to help reduce the risk of leakage by holding ostomy appliances in position and ensuring the baseplate stays in place.
With redesigned hooks and buckle, the Brava Belt for SenSura Mio still provides both extra security and a simple user interface.

Re-designed fastening hooks

What’s right for you?

Brava® Belt For SenSura® Mio is part of the range of Brava supporting products that can be used for
customising appliance fi t and solving common issues such as stoma leakage and irritated skin.

Coloplast is the global leader in Ostomy Care

Ever since it was founded in 1957, Coloplast has developed products and services designed to make
life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs. By continuously striving to understand our users’ needs,
we’ve been able to create a full range of ostomy products designed to suit every body profile.


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